A bumbling prayer of gratitude

God, I see now that you challenge us to refine us.
That you give us strength in impossible situations.
I see your love for me in the strength you give me through the Holy Spirit.

I understand your love is fierce because I’m made fiercely loving by your grace.

I feel your unconditional, irrational love burning inside my heart in moments of clarity after long moments of strife.

God, I praise you for renewal. I praise you for forgiveness, so that I may learn to forgive others.

Lord, I praise you because you fight my battles for me, and give me strength for the battles I, myself, must fight, with you in my heart and by my side.

I praise you for providing the opportunity to struggle┬ábecause in that opportunity, I’m made stronger.

Lord, I praise you that you don’t mind being praised in bumbling, repetitive, unscholarly ways. It’s just that I’m so grateful to be able to confide in you and rest in you and trust in you. Please, Father, give me strength when I don’t see confiding/resting/trusting in you as the first and only option.

Lord, I pray for forgiveness over my family. I pray for the softening of hearts that we might love as you love. I pray for the healing of wounds beyond even the wildest of dreams and comprehensions. I pray and I know that you will complete any and all works you’ve begun in all of us. Lord, may we turn to you at each and every moment of desperate┬ásadness or anger, and may we turn to you at the first inkling of joy.

In your name I pray, Amen.